Ten Years by Roseanne Catt

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Roseanne Catt is the victim of the one    

 of the greatest miscarriages of justice

 in Australian criminal history.

She has spent ten long years in prison,

falsely charged with attempting to

murder her husband, Barry Catt, on

charges trumped up by him and his

friend, a disgraced former policeman

who was responsible for laying the

charges and overseeing the investigation.

A growing public outcry saw her

released on special bail in 2001.

Since then Roseanne's extraordinary

case has been the subject of an 18-

month judicial inquiry, resulting in a

damning report delivered to the

Court of Criminal Appeal in late 2004.

This is the shocking true story of how an innocent woman came to be the longest-serving female prisoner in New

South Wales, and of her long fight for justice.

 It's a story of corruption and brutality - both inside and outside of jail - that will horrify and outrage,

            and it's a story of Roseanne's courage and grace that will uplift and inspire.